JFK QuoteYou can move our community from peril to peace.

As a community, we cannot wait to break the cycle of violence. We must equip people with alternatives to violence by providing the necessary training and support for peaceful conflict resolution.

Please use your power for positive change and become a financial supporter. All donations are tax-deductible.

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Why Give?

Mediation solves daily conflicts.

Imagine that you have lost your job and are behind in rent. Although your landlord knows about your loss, he is insisting that you pay something in two weeks, or he will be sending you an eviction notice. What would you do? Where could you go for help?

A neighbor is angry because your dog keeps barking at night when she wants to sleep. She has asked you politely and patiently many times to keep your dog quiet, but the problem persists. What can be done to help bring peace in this dilemma?

A teenage boy of 13 took the keys to the family car and rode around the neighborhood carelessly. He lost control and ended up steering into your driveway and smashing into your garage door. How can you deal with this?

Center for Conflict Resolution staff members and volunteers face situations like the ones mentioned above every day. When people like those illustrated above come to mediation through CCR, they discover agreeable solutions to their conflicts.

Violence is a significant problem in our community.

If you live in Kansas City, Mo., you live in one of the most violent cities in our nation. Kansas City is safer than only 4 percent of all other cities in the United States. Kansas City, Mo., experiences 12.46 violent crimes (murder, rape, robbery or assault) per 1,000 residents annually, while the national median is 3.8 violent crimes per 1,000 residents. Kansas City, Mo., has one of the highest murder rates in the United States. When you enter Kansas City, Mo., from other cities in the greater Kansas City metropolitan area, you have a one in 80 chance of being a victim of violent crime.  Compare that with the entire state of Missouri, in which you have a one in 226 chance of being a victim of violent crime.

According to Jackson County Sheriff Darryl Forte, the number one motive for murder in Kansas City is not drugs, gangs or domestic violence. It’s arguments or being involved in a dispute with someone who knows no other way to resolve conflict than with violence.

Kansas City Mayor Sly James said, “We can either pay to educate our youth with conflict resolution skills or pay to incarcerate them later. Instilling conflict resolution skills in members of our community most likely to resort to violence is an important step in building a more peaceful community.”

Conflict can be resolved in just and peaceful ways.

The Center for Conflict Resolution’s goal is to give people the skills to deal with conflict at lower levels, so it doesn’t escalate into violence.

When you make a financial contribution to the Center for Conflict Resolution, you are helping people like those illustrated above. You are making an investment in our community that keeps children safe while on their way to school or playing outside. You are helping older individuals feel safe enough to leave their homes to run errands or keep a doctor’s appointment. You are helping Kansas City, Mo., residents and visitors contribute positively toward the peaceful development of our communities. Your gift can accomplish the following:

  • $150 provides neighborhood mediation for families.
  • $250 provides a neighborhood accountability board process.
  • $350 provides a Trauma Awareness and Resilience workshop for parents and teachers.
  • $450 provides neighborhood accountability board training for a community.
  • $450 also can provide a Circle Facilitation workshop.
  • $650 provides a six-week conflict resolution course for students.
  • $700 provides a mediation training scholarship.
  • $1,500 provides peer mediation training for an entire school.
  • $1,800 provides restorative discipline training for school administrators and teachers.
  • $6,500 provides an entire whole school restorative discipline program, including conflict resolution training for adults and youth.

Please help move our community from peril to peace. Make your gift today.


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Thank you!