Programs and Services

CCR staff members Brian Goines, Sr., and Stanesha Gadson take a break between conflict resolution training classes they teach at area schools.


  • Neighbors: pets, noise, property issues, landlord/tenant
  • Families: parenting plans, estate disputes, peaceful relationships
  • Schools: truancy, student-to-student, student-to-teacher, teacher-to-administrator and parent-to-administration
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  • Dialogue and decision-making for government agencies, schools, businesses, churches, neighborhood associations and families

Restorative Justice Processes

  • Prison Reentry Circles
  • Victim/Offender Dialogue
  • Family Group Conferencing
  • Neighborhood Accountability Boards – Click here for more information on Neighborhood Accountability Boards.

School Programs

  • Restorative Discipline Processes
  • Mediation


  • Training in Schools
    • Professional development for teachers, administrators and staff
    • Training for students
  • Workshops, Coaching and Professional Development for Individuals and Organizations
    • Interpersonal Conflict Resolution
    • Mediation
    • Circle Facilitation
    • Restorative Discipline
    • Victim/Offender Dialogue
    • Conflict-Style Profile for Workplace Relationships
    • Conflict-Style Profile for Intimate Relationships
    • Re-Think Conflict (Anger Management)
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